Well, it will not be totally free website, but let us say minimal cost. And this can work on any server as long as you get the correct one, practically for free, yes we said it.

Firstly look for a good interface like CPanel, we offer CPanel hosting BTW……………….cough…………..

Anyway, get your low cost hosting. Say R 75 a year for the local TLD, a .co.za in this case. Once you get this, choose the lowest hosting option available but say minimum 500MB because if you run a website from there, you might need up to 200 MB for a good CMS system to run.

If it is HTML static stuff, then choose less than 500MB, this should be R 29 a month.

Great, so now you are paying R 29 a month. You upload your website to system, let it run. Here is the trick, most hosting companies will limit the amount of emails on your package especially the cheaper ones. Say 5 emails, we do not limit on those, we only limit on space… STOP PUNTING YOURSELF EYEYE! ITS NOT AN ADVERT… CHECK OUR PACKAGES HERE. Anyway, so you have 5 email addresses, choose 1. On your home PC if you are running Outlook or Thunderbird etc, set the email up there as POP. This will download all emails taking up space on the server and constantly reduce the need to upgrade. There is drawbacks which we will explain shortly. Remember to set “keep emails” on the server for less than 7 to 14 days. If you use a lot of emails and sizes are large, it will use your space and you will get notices to upgrade.

The drawbacks:

You cannot access your emails in the future unless you are by your computer or ipad. If you want to link other devices make sure you set it up correctly so it doesn’t duplicate boxes on server and use your space.

For more let us know. Now you can run a website at a super cheap cost per month, nothing in life is free anymore but lets say low cost.

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